come her to RP with friends and others if you do not have any make some
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PostSubject: RULES!!!!   Sun Dec 16, 2007 10:17 pm

there our a few rules you must follow
1. you must be approved before RPing.
2. do not argue with mods or admins
3. keep post at least 1 and a half lines long
5. Use the templates that are provided. They are there for a reason
6.Any mission assigned should take place in the RP section of the village where it was assigned.
7.No spam. If you spam I will delete the post or an admin/mod will do it for me.
8.And most important rule! HAVE FUN!

NOTE:remember this takes place after the time skip!!!

Shika as half way demon
hibi shika's demon complete
cari inuzuka and her dogs

cuerently looks
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