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 Shiruba Akuma

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PostSubject: Shiruba Akuma   Thu Jan 10, 2008 5:52 am

Name of Seal/Demon:Shiruba Akuma

Clan Oriented: No

Part of Body: the left side of the chest, it is there because the demon taps into your anger, an emotion which is part of your heart

How it was attained: five hundred years ago, the Neroku family was a group of farmers not yet part of the Leaf Village there were four of them, the mother and father, Shia, and Oboro, and their son Anion (son) they lived serving their family guardian Shiruba Juh, Anion worked very hard on the farm, keeping it together, but his father was never satisfied with his actions, Oboro made it look like he was ashamed of Anion, like he wouldent do well enough. but inside of Oboro, he never wanted a son, he wanted a daughter. one day, with a torch,a bow and a few arrows Anion went out nearby to hunt for animals, to see if he could make his father proud of him for once, it took Anion a while but he finally found a Takin just eating some grass, Anion Pulled the bow and arrow as hard as he could and let go, the arrow flew right past the Takin and it ran away, Anion ran to go and get his arrow, the arrow was nowhere to be found, all of a sudden, he ground collapses and Anion fell down to the ground, Anion struggled but finally got onto his feet, he took out a torch and lit it, the light showed a large stone statue of a demon, far more scarier than anything he has ever seen, Anion went closer to the statue and looked closer to it, there was a shift in the stone holding up the statue, Anion rubbed his fingers onto the shift and the ground became to shake, Anion fell the ground and tried to climb out. but then the shake began to reside and Anion calmed himself down, but a hard breathing put fear in his heart, Anion looked up and the demon was breathing, the Demon was still stone but it felt like the demon was looking into your greatest fears and making you feel that fear. The Demon began to get a little frustrated from a mere child reawakening his senses, but he was unable to move at all. he looked at the boy and telepathically spoke to Anion, asking him his name and why did he awake him. Anion was told the demons name like he already knew him before, shiruba-akuma, the demon looked into Anion's heart and looked at everything about Anion. the demon chuckled and asked Anion if he wanted to know how to make his father proud of him, of course Anion agreed and was told to drop his own blood onto the family pendant, the pendant was a symbol of Shiruba Juh and the families loyalty to them. Anion left the statue and returned to his home, he quietly went into his fathers room and stole the pendant. Anion returned to his room and bit his thumb to make it bleed, the blood began to spread around the thumb, so Anion smeared his blood on the stone of the pendant, when a thundering blaze flickered nearby the house, outside was Shiruba Juh, in real life the spirit had the form of a royal wolf, Shiruba Juh looked in the direction of the demons statue and began to growl, then a large shadow flew out of nowhere and tackled Shiruba Juh to the ground, the wolf had no chance, and was torn apart where it layed, the demon looked at Anion, Anion wanted to run, but the Demon's eyes made him still , shiruba-akuma looked at Anion with a smirk on his face, the demon began to run towards the home and the demon leaped into Anions heart, Anion screamed to the top of his lungs and the demon took over Anion's body, The Demon pulled out the biggest angers inside Anion and forced Anions body to give into the demons wishes, rage and power flourished through Anion and made him lose himself. the demon used the body to kill Anions parents and destroyed the house till it burned to ashes. shiruba juh, in his last bits of breath, used the rest of his chakra to seal the demon inside Anion. Anion came back to his senses and looked at what he had done, his anger turned into sorrow, and the last words of shiruba-akuma was that the generation of Neroku is born in the next 500 years would be the next one in line to carry the soul of the demon.

Shiruba's Statue was long later found by Pain, the statue was founded the ability to hold all nine Bijuu, to create a sinister demon to arise, but even with all nine demons, you still need the heart and soul of the demon, Shiruba Akuma, and the pendant of the Neroku Family. without Shiruba, the ritual will not work.

Effects:Anticipated moves(knows what you'll do like adult sharingan), Great Strength chakra is doubled, fast recovery from wounds,and bloodlust.

How to reach effects: when an anger inside Olan is too great to keep inside, the demon gives it that little extra push for him to come out,

Downsides:Only lasts on how strong the anger is, the power lasts longer , and everyone is a target when the demon takes over, the demons ability to heal wounds quickly is only available to do if the demon is in control of Olan's body
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PostSubject: Re: Shiruba Akuma   Sun Jan 13, 2008 12:31 am


half way demon
full demon
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Shiruba Akuma
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