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 Olan's Weapons

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PostSubject: Olan's Weapons   Wed Jan 09, 2008 9:24 am

Name: Senka Yaiba

Description: A black Katana with a shining aura to it, it has four symbols on it meaning how Olan lives his life the hilt has a Topaz jewel at the center of the hilt, the blade has a very curved ripple and the blade is as sharp as a shuriken. The seath of the sword is completely black with the village hidden in the leaves symbol in the middle. the handguard on the sword is also the shape of a leaf.

Story: The Sword was used by Olan's Father Orion when it was given to him as a present by his best friend during his entrance into Anbu. his best friend was a master smith, who used his chakra to make his swords, he infused his chakra into every sword he created. the sword contained four japanese symbols, it was given to Olan By his father on his first day in the Academy, it has become a part of Olan like the pendant has. the swords chakra from his fathers friend gave it the ability to allow the wielder to tap into the chakra inside the sword and engulf the blade into an element of the wielder. the Four symbols are jitsu, meiyo, kiryoku, fuki (left to right= Kindness, Honor, vitality, Freedom)


Name: kyokan kemuri bakudan

Description: It is a Black scroll with a Grey line along has a square explosive seal that makes a small explosion directed into the scroll and when the user activates it the small explosion will cause a smoke bomb with a radius of 30 meter.the bomb itself is 1 dm in diameter and 30 cm long.

Story: Olan was walking through the forest one day and an oracle came up to him and asked him to come to her tent.Olan agreed and went over.she asked right away and asked him if he was Olan Neroku.he said yes then the witch handed him the ingredients to the bomb and told him he it will come in handy someday then disappeared and all of her things disappeared leaving olan standing in a cave not to far from where he was standing earlier.Olan made the item and realized it was a massive smoke bomb.


Name: Yari Doragon

Description: the scroll held by Olan is completely gre with a black imprint, showing a black and white version of the spear. the scroll is held on Olan's belt, not in his toolkit. Olan creates a few of the handsigns unrolled and the Dragon Spear appears. the spear looks gallant and powerful, its ancient like design makes it unique from any other spear, some people say it may come from the moon country. the tip of the spear is sharp as diamond itself.

Story: One day, Olan went over to the weapon shop in Konoha, he then met the blacksmith there, who was named Goda, he was an old friend of Orion, so he knew who Olan was the second he walked into his shop, the spear was to be a graduation present to Olan, but when his mom passed away, the last time Goda saw Olan was at his mopthers funeral, Goda created the spear himself, it has the same power as the Senka Yaiba, but more of a spear strike[img][/img]


Name: Spider Wires

Description: the wires are mad of a mix of copper and titanium, giving it elasticity and durability, the wires sine a little Onyx color to them, they are settled around Olan's clothing, eight wires in all, their source, piles of the wires are in the tool pouch

Story: these weapons were given to Olan from his mother, they were her style of Shinobi, her abilities on using the wires gave her the nickname "Black Widow". her powers were well skilled, she then retired at ANBU and motheres Olan. Olan keeps them to himself proudly.
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PostSubject: Re: Olan's Weapons   Sun Jan 13, 2008 12:30 am


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Olan's Weapons
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