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 Olan Neroku

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PostSubject: Olan Neroku   Wed Jan 09, 2008 8:17 am

Name:Olan Neroku

Gender: male



Looks:(Make it 2 full lines):Olan looks like hes been through a lot of fights just by the looks of his eyes are. He also has a Sword on his back that used to belong to his father, Orion Neroku, Ex-ANBU Leader, also another treasure Olan keeps on him is his Fathers Old Pendant that has been with the family for generations, But during Olans Time in his casual Clothes, he wears cargo pants, all black, with a black tank top, and his Headband shows true on his forehead


Personality: Out of All the Pain and Suffering Olan went through in his life so far, Olan still keeps his fathers wisdom inside him,. He goes by four words, Kindness, Vitality, Honor, and Freedom, he would rather be your friend other than an enemy. you would rarely, and i mean rarely see Olan mad or Extremely angry, he keeps his cool during fights, may not look like it, but he does. Olan doesent eat any fried foods, he doesent like the cooked taste it gives, he only eats fruit, vegetables and ramen, what Olan doesent like are people who think being a ninja is all fun and games, or people who would dishonor themselves, and ninja who are evil, it gets to him hard that someone would kill so many just for sole pleasure

Ninja Rank: Genin

Skills/Specialties: Wind Affinity, Ninjutsu

History/Background Story: Olan as a child was birthed into the Neroku Family. Olan was loved by his parents, Orion Neroku, a powerful ANBU member whose abilities were almost unmatched. and Lina neroku, a loving wife and Kunoichi who fought but retired to take care of Olan. Olan felt strong warmth from Orion every time he was not away on a mission, Olan was taught how to become a ninja at a very young age, at the age of 5 he was able to throw kunai and shuriken with ease.
At the day before Olans first day at the academy, he was given a party by his father. at the Party Orion gave Olan his sword, a powerful weapon well known as Orion, and a red pendant that Was in the Orion family for generations, that same day, after the party Orion was sent upon a mission to search and Destroy A Missing Ninja Only Orions team was able to defeat. in the end the Team barely got out of there alive, But Orion, sacrificing his own life to save his team mates from death. Orion kept to his fathers swords only words, Kindness, Honor, Vitality, Freedom.
Olan's Time at the academy started out a sad one, his father had died and Olan felt at his darkest mood, the Teachers Thought Olan would not work as well and graduate as well because of his Father Dying but they were wrong, Olan worked twice as hard when he was training with his father, every one of his tests were almost a hundred percent. A about a week before his graduation ceremony, his Mother had died from a powerful disease she had earned from her time at the village of tea. no one was with Olan at the ceremony. after years from that painful life in the academy, Olan looks towards his life, wanting to know why his father trained him to be who he is...

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PostSubject: Re: Olan Neroku   Wed Jan 09, 2008 9:08 am


Shika as half way demon
hibi shika's demon complete
cari inuzuka and her dogs

cuerently looks
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Olan Neroku
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