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 Timmers clan

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PostSubject: Timmers clan   Mon Dec 17, 2007 4:08 am

History: the clan was crated by a man called helishia and sisina. helishia and sisina had this amazing ability to form into any kind of animal that is seen. helishia belived in a demon known as habi 8 tailed dog. helishia and the demon made a deal that if he gave habi a body. habi would use the body to protect the timmers clan. sisina did not belive that the demon was good so helishia and him had a fight. sadly helishia waon and is friend sisina died. he had now regerets of his friends death hewas happy . helishia had toled shika's dad to place the demon in his daughter shika. when shika received the demon she had been called a hero becouse of it.the demon is known to give people god luck. but the demon had turned on them all it then used the body it hade to destroy the clan.

Clan Information: the clam has many belives like the fact that demons are not realy bad but just missed unerstood and stuff.

Values: Wisdom

V.I.P.s: the clan is destroyed but there are only 2 sevivors of it.

Clan's Relation to Character: shika has the demon that the timmers clan worships.

Bloodline Limit/Spirit:they put there faith in the dog demon habi and they have the abilety to turn into any animal they see but not demons

Shika as half way demon
hibi shika's demon complete
cari inuzuka and her dogs

cuerently looks
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PostSubject: Re: Timmers clan   Mon Dec 17, 2007 7:40 am

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Timmers clan
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